Second Annual Kilt Contest – October 23rd

Entertainment will kick off at 6:00pm provided by Trinadora’s Celtic Frolic providing a rollicking set of Irish and Celtic songs with some crowd pleasing favorites of their own.

  • Celebrity bartending will be provided by Mayor Tom McNamara, Rockford Chief of Police Dan O’Shea, Alderman Bill Rose and Channel 23 News anchor Shannon Kelly!!
  • A door prize will be given to anyone showing up in a kilt, participating in the contest or not.
  • Two tickets for PaddyFest ($20 value) given for each entry.
  • At 7:15 Registration ends and The Kilt Contest will begin.

Judges are provided by the Rockford Rage Roller Derby team.

Contestants: Are competing in all categories at the same time. Judges will determine which are the winners in which categories.  Contestants are encouraged to show off your assets, do a jig, pushups, stretch out your leg/lunge, pull up your kilt, twirl, bow, wave, dribble a basketball, juggle OR just walk in a dignified manner befitting a Scotsman! Whatever you are comfortable with.   Remember you must wear something under your kilt to cover your valuables.  Adornments are also allowed such as non-lethal (non-edged) dirks or ornamental swords.

Kilt Judging Categories

  • Traditional Kilt with all the trimmings
  • Non-Traditional Kilt (all the working kilts, etc.)
  • Best Legs in a Kilt
  • People’s Choice (crowd favorite with applause)

Contest Ends at 8:00pm – Hang around for camaraderie and cheer!

Download and fill out the form below and email to:

Kilt Contest Registration Form 2019

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